Sanou Oumar

Sanou Oumar

Sanou Oumar (b. 1986; Burkina Faso, West Africa) lives in the Bronx and works in Harlem, New York. He graduated from the University of Ouagadougou in 2007 with a degree in English literature. In 2015, Oumar moved to the United States to seek asylum. He is represented by Gordon Robichaux, New York, and Herald St, London.

Oumar has presented solo and two-person exhibitions at Gordon Robichaux, New York (2021, and two-person with Matt Paweski, 2018); Herald Street, London (2021 and 2019); and South Willard, Los Angeles (with Elisabeth Kley, curated by Matt Connors, 2019).

He has been included in numerous group shows: Drawing in the Continuous Present, The Drawing Center, New York; Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnesota; Karma, New York; The Body-Split Trick (curated by Melissa Brown), Essex Flowers, New York; Parker Gallery, Los Angeles; Herald St, London; Maroncelli 12, Milan (curated by Matt Paweski and Jacopo Mazzetti); A Page from My Intimate Journal (Part I) —, Gordon Robichaux, New York; Art and Resistance (organized by the Center for Constitutional Rights), Mormor Studio, New York; and A Concentration of Power, Joost van den Bergh, London.

Oumar’s work is held in the collection of The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York; the RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island; and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnesota.

His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Artforum, and Frieze. A monograph dedicated to Oumar’s drawings, with an essay by Matt Paweski, was published by Pre-Echo Press in 2018. His work is also featured in Vitamin D3: Today’s Best in Contemporary Drawing (Phaidon, 2021) and Drawing in the Present Tense (The Drawing Center, 2022).



Pen and marker on paper

32 x 40 inches



Pen and marker on paper board

28 × 22 inches



Pen on paper board

40 × 32 inches



Pen on paper

28 × 22 inches


Sanou Oumar, 10/15/17

Pen on paper

17 x 14 inches


Sanou Oumar, 7/3/18

Pen and marker on paper

18 x 24 inches


Sanou Oumar, 7/11/18

Pen and marker on paper

18 x 24 inches


Sanou Oumar, 4/22/17

Pen, colored pencil, and marker on paper

13.75 x 11 inches


Sanou Oumar, 4/27/17

Pen and colored pencil on paper

13.75 x 11 inches



Sanou Oumar

Mar. 14–Apr. 25, 2021

A Page From My Intimate Journal (Part II) —

Wilder Alison, Leilah Babirye, Matt Connors, Jenni Crain, Stephanie Crawford, Florence Derive, DW Fitzpatrick, Gillian Garcia, Daniel Marcellus Givens, Janice Guy, Otis Houston Jr., Miles Huston, KIOSK, Marco ter Haar Romeny, Clifford Prince King, Elisabeth Kley, Wayne Koestenbaum, Siobhan Liddell, Rosemary Mayer, McDermott & McGough, Reverend Joyce McDonald, Matt Paweski, Signe Olson, Sanou Oumar, Kerry Schuss, Dean Spunt, Tabboo!, Ken Tisa, Boris Torres, Frederick Weston

Mar. 1–Apr. 19, 2020

Sanou Oumar, Matt Paweski

Sanou Oumar/Matt Paweski

Sept. 23–Nov. 4, 2018

A Page from My Intimate Journal (Part I) —

Wayne Koestenbaum, Frederick Weston, Otis Houston Jr., Jenni Crain, Matt Connors, Florence Derive, Miles Huston, Siobhan Liddell, Sanou Oumar, Matt Paweski, Schorr Collier, Kerry Schuss, Martin Wong, Elisabeth Kley, Math Bass, Hawkins Bolden, Guy de Cointet, Lucky DeBellevue, Liz Deschenes, Shannon Ebner, Melvin Edwards, Vincent Fecteau, Denzil Forrester, Barbara Hammer, James Hoff, Marc Hundley, Shirley Jaffe, Caitlin Keogh, Shigeko Kubota, Magic Markings Anonymous, Darinka Novitovic, Bernard Piffaretti, Howardena Pindell, Charlotte Posenenske, Michael Queenland, Stuart Sherman, Amy Sillman, Alison Smith, Gwen Smith, Martine Syms, Tseng Kwong Chi, Stan Vanderbeek, Melvin Way, Karlheinz Weinberger, B. Wurtz, Amy Yao

Feb. 11–Apr. 8, 2018


Independent New York: Janet Olivia Henry, Otis Houston Jr., Sanou Oumar, Ken Tisa

May 11–May 14, 2023

Dallas Art Fair

Apr. 21–Apr. 23, 2023

Paris Internationale: Florence Derive, DW Fitzpatrick, McDermott & McGough, Sanou Oumar, Tabboo!, Frederick Weston

Oct. 16–Oct. 19, 2019

Summer Viewing Room

July 15–Aug. 12, 2019

Frieze New York: Sanou Oumar

May 2–May 5, 2019


Sanou Oumar, Drawings


Pre-Echo Press


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