Lucky DeBellevue: Book Launch
Haus zur Sul published by Oskar Weiss & Hacienda Books 
Gordon Robichaux
Janaury 18, 2018

Hacienda Books, Kai Matsumiya, and Gordon Robichaux cordially invite you to join the New York launch of Lucky DeBellevue – Haus zur Sul, January 18, 6pm-8pm at Gordon Robichaux. 

“I wanted something other than what I could make myself, and I wanted to use the surprise and the collectiveness and the generosity of finding surprises. And if it wasn’t a surprise at first, by the time I got through with it, it was. So the object itself was changed by its context, and therefore it became a new thing.”
– Robert Rauschenberg

Lucky DeBellevue
Haus zur Sul
Published on the occasion of the exhibition Lucky DeBellevue – Yoga Mat Bread, Hacienda, Zurich, June 2015. 

Primary launched on the occasion of the exhibition Lucky DeBellevue – An Error Occurred, Weiss Falk, Basel, March 2017 with a text by Sara Roffino.
1. Edition 2017
19 × 42 cm
Text in English
Published by Oskar Weiss / Hacienda Books
Designed by Teo Schifferli
Printed in Italy
ISBN 978-3-9524429-7-5
CHF 42.00
USD 42.00
EUR 38.00