Theda Hammel and Tyler Ashley. Photograph by Lucas Blair. 


Curated by Gordon Robichaux

NADA Presents, March 2 - 5, 2017

Contemporary Drag is an expansive program of performances, video screenings, panel discussions, curated books, and a special collection of artist collaborations with Print All Over Me for NADA x PAOM.​​​ In the words of drag philosopher Ru Paul, "You are born naked, and everything else is drag." Inspired by a wide range of historical and contemporary precedents— Marcel Duchamp's Rose Sélavy, the Pyramid Club, Wigstock, Jackie 60, Squeezebox, and the recent explosion of a new generation of drag with Chez Deep and House of Bushwig—Contemporary Drag features a wide range of intergenerational artists, performers, and cultural figures, and will highlight their engagement with drag as a radical form of art, theater, and politics.

​At the NADA SHOP:
NADA x PAOM: Contemporary Drag is a new collection of artist-designed limited editions curated by Gordon Robichaux for the sixth edition of NADA New York. The collection features the artwork of Chris of Hur, Jimmy Paul, Juwelia, La’fem Ladosha, Lady Bunny, Linda Simpson, Patti Spliff, Sasha Velour, Tabboo!, and Tyler Ashley produced in collaboration with Print All Over Me (PAOM).

Peradam is a publishing group specializing in small-run artist books. Each book is designed and produced in collaboration with the artist.

Juwelia: Paintings, Juwelia Soraya/ Stefan Stricker, 2016
WINDOW, Alexis Penney, 2013 
PAGES, Linda Simpson, 2013

The NADA x PAOM limited editions and Peradam books will be available for purchase at the NADA SHOP at the main entrance of NADA New York and also online at and 

Thursday, March 2

12 - 4 PM
Screenings presented by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) and Gordon Robichaux

Charles Atlas, Mrs. Peanut Visits New York, 1999, 6:05 min.
Alex Bag, Harriet Craig, 1998, 12:08 min.
Kalup Linzy, KK Queens Survey, 2005, 7:20 min.

Charles Atlas, It’s a Jackie Thing, 1999, 28:30 min.
Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

Donald C. Shorter JR, House of Velour & Friends, 2017, 1:43 min.
Chez Deep, DEA NOVA, intro by Linda Simpson, 2014, 9:28 min.
Tabboo!, The Glue Factory, 2016, 37:17 min.

Donald C. Shorter JR, < 8 (Less than 8), 2016, 4:13 min.
Courtesy Gordon Robichaux

CONTEMPORARY DRAG: A revue with performances by 5 artists including La’fem Ladosha, Severely Mame, Chris of Hur, David Mramor, and Sasha Velour. 

Friday, March 3

Charles Atlas, Alex Bag, Kalup Linzy, courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

CONTEMPORARY DRAG in Conversation. Stonewall was a Riot: with Lady Bunny and Horrorchata, moderated by David Yarritu. A talk on drag as a radical form of art, theater, and politics. 

Saturday, March 4

11am - 12pm
Chez Deep, Donald C. Shorter JR, Tabboo!, courtesy Gordon Robichaux

CONTEMPORARY DRAG: The Drag Explosion with Linda Simpson
A narrated slideshow of Simpson’s photographs documenting NYC’s drag-queen scene from the late 1980s through the mid 1990s. Followed by a Book Signing with Linda Simpson & Peradam at the NADA SHOP. 

​Sunday, March 5

3:30 - 5pm
Tyler Ashley aka The Dauphine of Bushwick and Wise Men present Baby Tea including
a conversation on Post Drag with Theda Hammel and performances by Matt Savitsky, Merrie Cherry, and Patti Spliff. Baby Tea is a monthly party fusing activism with the tradition of the gay tea dance. 

Tyler Ashley. Photograph by Lucas Blair. 

Lady Bunny and Horrorchata with David Yarritu. Photograph courtesy of BFA.

Severely Mame. Photograph by Ves Pitts.

Chris of Hur. Photograph by Ves Pitts. 

Merrie Cherry. Photograph by Lucas Blair. 

Lady Bunny and Horrorchata. Photograph courtesy of BFA.

Chris of Hur. Photograph courtesy of BFA.

Sasha Velour. Photograph courtesy of BFA.

Patti Spliff. Photograph by Lucas Blair. 

Sasha Velour. Photograph by Ves Pitts.